Will Co., Ltd.

We provide the added value of "communication" in multiple languages. 


Our new project: Will Content

At Will Co., Ltd. we use our knowledge and multilingualization experience to provide integrated production services from planning to production, multilingual development, and distribution for projects including industrial products, regional vitalization, careers, and mindfulness.

Whether you provide us with data or have us collect the information for you, we take care of all the remaining work.

Our company's strengths are accuracy and communication skills.

In our 20-plus years of experience working on numerous single-author and coauthored commercial books and web content, we have consistently pursued useful content with real value.

Customers can rely on us to provide high quality content that is truly cost effective.

<Examples of multi-language service support>    

  • Building multi-language websites by combining translation and website creation 
  • Catalog designs translated from the Japanese version and rewritten for overseas use
  • Multilingual content creation and multilingualization of existing content

<Translation-only requests also accepted>   

We also accept requests to do translation without content creation.

Our translation work is handled by a native or native level bilingual speaker of each language who is an active member of a university faculty or a translator/interpreter with a proven track record.

The resulting translation is always given a final check by a native Japanese speaker who understands the corresponding language.

<Translation-only requests also accepted>   

Please contact us for details on Chinese, Japanese, English website examples:

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<About the company>

Will Co., Ltd.

3-32-1 Royal Sanno105, Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0023, Japan

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Web: www.officewill.co.jp

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