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2017年6月にスウェーデンのUniversity Westで開催された、地域活性の世界研究大会「第20回Uddevalla Symposium2017」の論集に、弊社代表 奥山 睦の「下町ボブスレー」を題材にした共著論文(共著者:前野隆司、保井俊之(慶應SDM)、坂倉杏介(東京都市大学))が掲載されました。


"Building an Open Innovation Model over a  Horizontal Network by Applying the Open Innovation Theory on SMEs in Japan

From a Case Study on Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network Project in Ota City, Tokyo"

A coauthored paper on the theme of "Shimomachi Bobsleigh" by Mutsumi Okuyama, President of Will Co.,Ltd. was published in a paper on regional academic world research conference "Uddevalla Symposium 2017" held in Sweden in June 2017.


Co-authored thesis on "Shimomachi Bobsleigh" of Mutsumi Okuyama, president of Will Co.,Ltd. in the paper on "20th Uddevalla Symposium 2017" at the University World Wide Conference of Regional Activities held in University West, Sweden in June 2017 (Coauthor: Takashi Maeno, Toshiyuki Yasui (Keio SDM,Japan), Annex Sakakura (Tokyo Urban University,Japan)) was posted.


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